Current Draft Prospects

CJ Beathard And The Importance Of Arm Talent

Iowa's CJ Beathard is one QB prospect in this year's NFL Draft that may not be widely regarded as some of his more talented peers.

Does Mitch Trubisky Possess Typical First-Round Talent?

As the country begins it's obsession with the offseason, and more directly the NFL draft, there are still some questions abound as to whether or

Patrick Mahomes is More Than an Air Raid Quarterback

Air raid systems have scarred the masses.  The air raid is largely comprised of four verticals, quick hitch and slant routes, and various screens. Every

Nathan Peterman: The Game Manager

In 2005, a quarterback out of the University of Utah was selected with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft by the San Francisco

Josh Allen: One Of Most Interesting QB Prospects For ’17 Draft

There are no shortage of 'Big-Five' upperclassmen to keep your eyes on as the 2017 NFL draft gets closer by the day, however, some of

NFL Throws: DeShaun Watson Edition

Throughout every NFL Draft cycle, the phrase "NFL throws" will be muttered by every analyst from every corner of the country. Each analyst's description of

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